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Progress of Dynamics CRM Solution Import (SQL)

If you have ever tried importing a large solution into Dynamics CRM, or the Import progress screen freezes, it can be fairly frustrating to not know how the import is progressing, or if it has failed without any messages. If you are On-Premise then the following SQL […]

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List all files in a given directory to output to CSV using Powershell

The following PowerShell script lists all files in a given folder, along with the file size and last modified date to a CSV file. This can be useful if you are reviewing the current structure of multiple folders when coming up with a strategy for replacing shared […]

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Timeouts deleting Contacts in CRM 2011

Whilst working with the International Tennis Federation on their new CRM 2011 system we experienced timeouts whilst trying to delete Contacts (and other entity records) from the system. Initially we thought some custom plugins were causing the issue but soon ruled them out when turning them off […]

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