Office 365 2 Factor Authentication for MSPs/Resellers/Multi-Accounts

As an MSP it was always quite tricky to ensure everyone in the team had access that needed it whilst also enabling 2 factor authentication. This is because you could only get the authentication code to one device or phone number. Which is fine when the whole team are guaranteed to be in the office at the time a consultant or developer needs access so they can share the auth code. If you have multiple offices and when individuals are unavailable this was a problem. So you could all have named accounts, but then you will require more licenses if those users require access to Dynamics 365 or any other licensed areas within Office 365. Not ideal for most customers and scenarios.


MFA Now Supports Multiple Authenticator Apps

Microsoft MFA, which is used for Office 365, now allows users to set up the Authenticator app on multiple devices. Awesome! This is something we have been requesting for a long time, but was unavailable until recently.

Although this is a real benefit to MSPs and people who need access from say two individuals devices, it should be used by the minimum amount of devices required as it does reduce the security slightly. That being said, it enables 2FA to be enabled in situations that were just not possible previously, which is a great win from a security standpoint.

If you are interested in us getting you up and running with 2FA to protect your business and its data, please get in touch and we would be happy to help.


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