Three Grey Monkeys have partnered with Barracuda. The new partnership enables TGM to provide Total Email security and Office 365 and SharePoint backup solutions to our valued customers amongst other valuable security solutions.

Office 365 and SharePoint are key to many businesses but is often not paired with a full backup solution. This is one of the key reasons for us pairing up with Barracuda to ensure as many Businesses are protected from Data loss and any issue with corrupt data.

The Total Email solution also helps to protect against Spear Phishing attacks which regularly effect businesses and can be very costly when things go wrong. The solutions we can provide through Barracuda minimise the risks considerably, and the cost is minimal especially compared to the average cost of a breach.


  • 13 May 2019
  • Company News
  • Email Security, Security, PhishLine, Sentinel, SharePoint, Backup, Barracuda

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