Monkey Speech enables you to talk into your Microphone and transcribe what is said straight into a text field in Dynamics 365. This currently works on 99% of text fields in Dynamics 365. We have also included a Speech Note custom activity entity which allows you to quickly add notes to a records timeline by speaking into your microphone too, saving you time and money. Awesome. This makes use of the PowerApps Component Framework and browser technology to transcribe what is said to the Microphone.

Monkey HR for Dynamics 365 provides a way for managing Leave requests for Holiday, Sickness or any custom types of leave. This has also been integrated with our Monkey Calendar product to view all leave requests and is capable of pushing these to employees outlook calendars also.

The Monkey Sign Solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables you to control onsite and remote support work for your clients. In the office, CRM users can track what work needs doing, for whom, by whom and any related costs. In the field, your engineers can access this information via mobile or tablet devices, plus get customer approval on the spot and without the need for a Dynamics CRM license.

Using Monkey Portal you can very quickly have a portal up and running that allows the creation and management of CRM data. It allows you to configure Web Forms that submit back to CRM, and display and edit CRM data in list format.

Monkey Upload enhances your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system by improving file management capabilities at the record level. It will benefit you in the following ways: Your time is saved through an intuitive user interface, which makes it easy to upload, delete, download or view file details Storage space is saved through file compression techniques The file manager can be added to any entity form (even if notes are disabled)

TGM Monkey Calendar is a flexible and efficient solution which improves the scheduling capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The Email to Case Solution is a powerful automation process which eliminates the need for manual data entry and the incident management of Cases in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The CRM Starter Pack for the Telecoms Industry is a unique CRM solution designed by TGM to meet the growing demands for a quicker, simpler and cheaper CRM system for the Telecoms industry.

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