Database Performance and Healthcheck

People call us for two reasons. Their database is running slow or not running at all.

Your SQL Server is the core of your business, with everything running from it and the impact of a neglected database can be catastrophic for your business.

The question to ask yourself is how long can your business survive without access to your data?

We can ensure that your SQL Server is running at its optimum ability. That it is able to cope with common disaster scenarios and even alert you that issues are coming.

Adding expensive disks, memory and processors will help improve performance to a degree, but a more effective solution is often to look at the internal configuration and design of your database. We have helped clients before take processes that took over 8 hours to run, if at all, and get them running in less than three minutes.

We are also experts in other SQL Server features such as SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS) and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) enabling us to address any database related issues you may have.

Our services include:

Reporting and Power BI

In such a Data centric era, insights and reporting is so instrumental in understanding trends and gathering insights into your business. With Power BI and SQL Reporting many businesses are not getting the maximum benefits from their Big Data. Wether you require SQL reports or to take your Dynamics 365 data and create meaningful insights using Power BI we are here to help.

Database Architecture

Getting the architecture right in the first place will help you scale and grow much faster than not thinking things through. If you are wanting advice on the initial architecture at the server level or database, we can help out. Dynamics 365 removes some of these decisions for you by allows you to configure the Tables using configuration, however to get the most from the CRM system there is still plenty of work that can be done regarding performance and ensuring the correct indexes have been setup within Dynamics 365.

The typical databases we work with are listed below 

  • SQL Server
  • Azure SQL
  • Azure Table storage

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