After the popularity of our GDPR Toolbox, and multiple request to be able to easily anonymise records, we are pleased to announce we have a new release of our GDPR Toolbox.

The recent release has been enhanced to include an anonymise function to easily anonymise Contact, Lead and Account records. We appreciate that a lot of customers have customisation and fields with private information that have been created, so we have made this anonymise completely configurable.

The anonymise function can be triggered from a GDPR Request record, or directly on the Contact, Lead or Account. The configuration option available currently are shown below;

  • Configure field to anonymise on the core record (Contact, Lead, Account)
  • Configure and Linked records to anonymise. This will work for any lookup on the core record. For Example Anonymise a Lead and its Primary Contact that is linked to it.
  • Set default value to use for any text fields that are anonymised

For more information and a video demo of the product please see the GDPR Toolbox for Dynamics 365 product page.


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