Dynamics 365 is Awesome! It really is. Thats why we are so passionate about using it internally and for our clients.

Here are just a few of the reasons why we think it is such a great business tool.

  1. Do Business From the beach. OK so maybe not so realistic, but seriously, Dynamics works from all devices and machines meaning you can do business anywhere and stay connected with your customers.
  2. Business Processes easily Transformed. Easily remove manual tasks and processes from your business so the team can focus on the important things.
  3. Customer retention and new Customers. Sales, Customer Service and Marketing is all in the same place so you can manage relationships and potential opportunities with ease.
  4. Integration with Office 365. Dynamics 365 is designed to integrate with Office 365, including Outlook. It just works very well and everything is connected in the way you dreamed it would be.
  5. Business Insights. Power BI and Dynamics reports give great flexibility and control over reporting to extract the key information to drive your business forward and increase sales and customer service.
  6. Social Engagement. Easily connect your social platforms within Dynamics to spot opportunities and provide great customer service.
  7. Enhanced Customisation. It is very easy to extend the application to ensure it is a great fit for your company.
  8. Flexible security and control for your users and the data made available to them within Dynamics.
  9. Secure Data, and GDPR compliance
  10. Centralised Data Store. All of your data is stored in one place, meaning it can be the master for your key business data and available to external systems easily.
  11. Regular feature updates. Microsoft are committed to continuous improvements and do regular feature releases so you are constantly getting more value from the product.
  12. You get to partner with Three Grey Monkeys! We love what we do and we love helping businesses. We specialise in Dynamics 365 and would love to assist in getting going.


If you would like to discuss how we can assist in getting you setup with Dynamics 365 please get in touch!

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